Membership Benefits

What do you get by being a member?

All members benefit from:

  • Access to the all rooms of the club 24/7 with your own unique keyfob.
  • Access for you and up to two guests
    • By arrangement, you are able to book (at no cost) areas of the club for larger events with more guests (for example game nights or tournaments)
  • Free tea and coffee for you and your guests
    • There is also a vending machine available that stocks drinks and snacks. It's priced at cost (we don't want to profit from our members).
  • Free wifi and printing facilities
  • Access to our extensive library of thousands of board games, video games and card games
  • A hot desk you can use to work from at any time
    • There are gaming PCs available for you to use for work/web browsing if you don't have a laptop with you.
  • Access to a private group for all members where you can make suggestions about the day-to-day running of the club, or request new games or hardware.
  • Access to a secure locker to store any items - protected with a lock that opens via your keyfob.
  • Access to our private server (it's a Nextcloud instance that hosts our calendar, file share etc).
    • You will also recieve access to the game servers we run, as well as being able to take advantage of free web and file hosting with us.

If you have any questions please take a look at out FAQ or contact us.